Return & Refund

Since we do not accept returns / exchanges due to customer's convenience at our company please order after considering sufficiently.
In addition, in case of return corresponding to the following conditions, you need documents such as receipt to prove purchase.

The conditions for receiving returned / exchanged
Items that are unused due to defective, damaged, misdelivered items. We will only accept items you contact within 7 days after arrival. In addition, please understand beforehand that it will be excluded from size exclusion error due to individual differences, color error due to shooting / viewing environment, product error due to lot difference in case of multiple purchase ・ some color error of the fabric due to reasons returned / exchanged .

Shipping / handling fee for return / exchange
We will bear in case of defect / damage / misdelivery.

Cancellation of shipping fee and commission
In case of cancellation after shipment of goods (before receipt of goods), shipping fee will already be generated at the time of shipment, so we will charge shipping fee. In addition, we will charge you for shipping fee due to return, so please be forewarned.

When replacement with normal product is impossible
Indeed, it is unwillingly unlikely that in the unlikely event that exchange with normal goods is impossible due to the balance with inventory status, we will respond with refund after returning goods arrival confirmation. In this case, please understand beforehand that we can not handle more than the item price.

Refund (if applicable)
Returned goods arrive at our company, we will inform you of the arrival of the returned goods by e-mail after the examination is completed, and the possibility of refund. In the case of refund acceptance, credit cards, PayPal, etc. will be refunded after a certain date according to the payment method used by the customer at the time of purchase.