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301 is a shop in Tokyo in Japan. We will deliver to customers all over the world from Japan.

Unless otherwise mentioned, it will be shipped from Japan.
Payment will be paid with PayPal, credit card (PayPal). For details please refer to payment ・ shipping information.

Shibuya-ku, Higashi, Tokyo 2-20-14 Tower Homes Hikawa 1F
Inquiries to HOMES than the inquiry page displayed on each page please.

/ Display based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Shipping fee
Since shipping costs vary depending on quantity, shipping method, region, it will be displayed at checkout of the cart
Please check the amount.
Payment timing of price (consideration), method PayPal, credit card (via PayPal), prepay by bank transfer. The customer should bear the transfer fee for bank transfer.

Delivery time of goods (transfer time of rights)
Usually, we will ship items as soon as payment is confirmed. However, if payment cannot be confirmed immediately after ordering, shipping may be postponed. We will ship ordered items as soon as we can order items, after payment is confirmed.

It will be handed over at the time the product is brought to the international postal service.
We will collect the tracking number at the time of shipment and let us know it.
However, if you chose not to pursue at the time of purchase, there is no notification of the tracking number.

Required fee other than goods ・ shipping fee
For items shipped from Japan, consumption tax may be added at arrival clearance to each country. The consumption tax and the accompanying expenses will be paid by the purchaser at the time of receiving the goods. Please check with the local agency in advance.